How to become a Certified ”The Pilates Standard” trainer

Start with Intro mat


Attend the Intro mat.

INTRO MAT is the basis for all of our Training programs.

If you are planning to start with Matwork Certificate before you decide to work with the apparatus you can sign up for the whole Matwork program and the get the package price, 20% discount.

Matwork or Comprehensive

After 1 month

If you want to be a certified Matwork teacher continue with the Matwork program or if you are interested in the Apparatus program sign up for the Comprehensive program.

It is recommended also to take the Ideal mat before signing up to the Comprehensive but it is not amendotory.

Matwork Certificate

After 5 month

If you attended the Matwork program you are finished with your 4 weekends and completed your final test.

Congratulations – You are now a Certified Matwork trainer

Comprehensive Certificate

After 9-15 month

If you attended the Comprehensive program you are finished with your 5 weekends and completed your 450-600 observation hours and passed the final test.

Congratulations – You are now a Certified Comprehensive trainer

Workshop´s and CEC

All prospective apprentices interested in a certificate from THE PILATES STANDARD need to know that the real learning begins after finishing the training. Continued education, and development of your abilities is part of the profession of a Pilates teacher.

Only when you stay inspired are you able to inspire others.

1 hour TPS workshop = 1 TPS CEC

Renew your Certificate

2 years after your Certification

Every second year you have to renew your Certificate to be a Certified The Pilates Standard trainer.

  • To uphold your Mat THE PILATES STANDARD certificate. You should collect 8 CECs every second year.
  • To uphold your Comprehensive THE PILATES STANDARD certificate. You should collect 15 CECs every second year.
  • You can get CEC credits from other organisation as well, just send your workshop certificate as an PDF to us (1 hour non TPS workshop = 1/2 TPS CEC).

When it is time to renew just email us on and we send an updated certificate to you.

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About Us

We are a group of internationally respected Pilates teacher trainers, with the goal to honor the original method of J. H. Pilates, to analyze its fundamental concepts , and to teach it intelligently. By teaching the original method, supported by the bio-mechanic principles of the human body, the teachers we develop have an enhanced understanding of the Pilates method and how to progress their students effectively.

THE PILATES STANDARD assures that with the many years of experience of this highly competent team, consisting of medical doctors, physical therapists, movement therapists, dancers and athletes, we can confidently continue the legacy of Joseph Pilates in the best possible manner.

Our education curriculum encompasses the classical Pilates exercises on both the mat and apparatuses, the science of anatomy and bio-mechanics, as well as special cases of various symptoms and illness

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The Pilates Standard – Europe

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