Bob Liekens Conference



You can choose single or several workshops at checkout, there are 2 workshops at the same time (Room Bob or Room Romana). If you choose 2 full days you get a package price of total 595€.

Lunch is included

20 % Early bird discount before 31 May (also on the package price), total 476€ for 2 days!!



Workshop descriptions

Footwork & Standing Exercises
To move and flow in a mat class with special attention to placement of the feet is not as easy as it seems. We learn and review the basic anatomy of the foot as well as Standing “Archival“ exercises. To explore and use specifically designed exercises and Studio Apparatus for strengthening the feet, how to apply this knowledge to other Pilates Studio Apparatus in a “warm up“ as well as an “ending“.

A Wunda chair Workout:
We teach you how to build an hour long workout on, what Joe himself called the home Reformer. This workshop will show you the possibilities towards building a logical sequence, from a more stable platform to an unstable step.

Wunda Chair progressions:
The objective of the Chair Progressions Workshop is to review how to incorporate both the High Chair and Wunda Chair into the individual needs portion of a client’s session. This workshop will show how the exercises on the Chairs relate to one another and how to progress from the more stable and supportive High Chair to the less stable surface of the Wunda Chair. This tactic allows for the client a deeper experience and understanding of their body with regard to the central principals of the Method.

Breathing Part 2
Above all learn how to breathe” or ”squeeze all the air out” Joseph Pilates. In part one we explored the act of breathing. Now we dive deeper into the internal respiration and looks at what happens on a cellular level. We will discuss how we as Pilates instructors are able to, by cuing and guiding breathing in different ways, make an impact on our general health and affect the nervous system.

Reformer on Cadillac/Wall unit
This workshop gives you the structure on how to create a fun and challenging session on the Cadillac/Wall unit with the exercises from the Reformer reportoire. The beauty of the Pilates Method is that all the exercises provided from Joe can be done on all the apparatus he invented you just have to learn to see the similarities, modifications and progressions.

Teach it the old way
You will learn how the simplicity of the Contrology system will attract different clientele to your Studio. Different approaches attracts different categories of people. And we put the light on marketing strategies, Studio Set up etc to help you grow your business.

What is a Scoliosis and how can we in a safe way work with this clientele. This workshop will give you the basics of the causes, affects given to the body but most important how can we use the Pilates method to work them out both on mat and apparatus… “just a basic conceptual workshop on dealing with spinal curves with Pilates exercises” (Phoebe Higgins).

Matwork on the Spine Corrector
The goal of this workshop is to define and review the Matwork on the Spine Corrector exercises. You will learn how it practical could be applicated in a Spine Corrector class setting. To introduce the exercises, how to bild your clients up to be able to complete a full Spine Corrector session as well as the ending is the framework in this workshop.

Mini Magic Circle
This workshop is all about the Mini Magic circle, created by Bob Liekens with the help of Tecno Pilates to make sure to find the correct posture in all the exercises it´s used. It deepens you knowledge and gives you the know how to be able to create a session on the Mat as well as any other apparatus.. This workshop is based on all the mat exercis

For once a piece of equipment that didn‘t come from Joe. When it was first introduced Romana embraced its possibilities and it has been a favorite ever since. There are some misunderstandings how to place this apparatus within the workout and how to structure a sequence on it. This workshop will have you jumping!