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THE PILATES STANDARD MATWORK TRAINING PROGRAM consists of 100 hours and contains 4 modules.

1. INTRO MAT (16 hours)
Intro Mat is the basis for all of our Training programs. Each program is built on the content of this course. In it you will learn 21 INTRO Level exercises on the Mat and become familiar with THE PILATES STANDARD teaching components (philosophy, teaching method, class structure).

2. IDEAL MAT (16 hours)
This course will improve your ability to teach people of any age or fitness level. You will learn 14 IDEAL Level exercises on the Mat and how to incorporate them into the INTRO Mat sequence.

Knowing how to teach clients with chronic injury and/or specific illness is elemental in the daily work of a Pilates professional. In this course symptoms will be explained and the appropriate modifications of the exercises will be practiced:
cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, Morbus Scheuermann, Morbus Bechterew, herniated disc, disc protrusion, scoliosis, hip arthritis and additional illnesses of hip, foot, shoulder, elbow and hand. Additionally, this course covers how to modify a Mat class for participants with health issues. This practical content is of great relevance when integrated with physical therapy. (Physical therapists, sports therapists and gymnastic trainers do not need to take this course)

4. CHALLENGE MAT (16 hours)
CHALLENGE MAT The focus of this course is on basic biomechanical principles, the complex Powerhouse Actions, and 12 CHALLENGE Level exercises on the Mat. Additionally, you will learn sophisticated variations and explore exercises from different angles and perspectives. CHALLENGE Mat focuses on teaching components, especially in the areas of cueing and flow, essential for cultivating the teaching skills in apparatus education as well.

*Learn the classical Mat exercises
*Gain insight to the classical Pilates principles
*Use THE PILATES STANDARD teaching instruments and contents
*Teach a 55 min Mat class
*Improve your communication capability when teaching
*Entry into the international apprenticeship directory
*How to teach special needs clients

*PRIOR TO COURSE: 10 Pilates sessions
*AFTER WEEKEND 1: 10 Pilates sessions
*BETWEEN WEEKEND 2 AND 3: 10 Pilates sessions
*BETWEEN WEEKEND 3 AND 4: 10 Pilates sessions

To become a Certified THE PILATES STANDARD Matwork instructor you must complete all four modules and pass the final exam. Then you are automatically listed on our website as a Pilates Mat teacher and eligible to teach.

Should you fail on your first test, you can retest within a total of 3 months.

1st retest free within 1 month.
2nd retest fee= $100 within 2 months. 3rd retest fee= $100 within 3 months.