The Pilates Standard

Our goal is to honor the original method of Joseph H Pilates. To stay true the the classical method, analyse the fundamental concepts and to teach it intelligently are the In-depth of all our training programs. 

All THE PILATES STANDARD´s programs and workshops are designed and developed by BOB LIEKENS, a second generation teacher with more then 30 years of teaching experience. Bob started as a student of Romana Kryzanovska in 1983, started to work as one of her teachers after a few years and then had the opportunity to sit in Romana´s kitchen and helped her as a co-writer of the FIRST teacher training manual.  He has dedicated his life to teach the work of Uncle Joe and Roamna, keeping it classical, inspired thousands of  Pilates teachears and techer trainers all over the world for the last decade. 

By teaching the the original method supported by the bio-mechanicprinciples of the human body, the teachers we develop have an enhanced understanding of the Pilates method and how to progress their students effectively.

Our education curriculum encompasses the classical Pilates exercises on both the mat and apparatuses, the science of anatomy and bio-mechanics, as well as special cases of various symptoms and illness.

THE PILATES STANDARD MATWORK TRAINING PROGRAM consists of 100 hours and contains 4 modules.

1. INTRO MAT (14 hours)
Intro Mat is the basis for all of our Training programs. Each program is built on the content of this course. In it you will learn 21 INTRO Level exercises on the Mat and become familiar with THE PILATES STANDARD teaching components (philosophy, teaching method, class structure).

2. IDEAL MAT (14 hours)
This course will improve your ability to teach people of any age or fitness level. You will learn 14 IDEAL Level exercises on the Mat and how to incorporate them into the INTRO Mat sequence.

Knowing how to teach clients with chronic injury and/or specific illness is elemental in the daily work of a Pilates professional. In this course symptoms will be explained and the appropriate modifications of the exercises will be practiced:
cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, Morbus Scheuermann, Morbus Bechterew, herniated disc, disc protrusion, scoliosis, hip arthritis and additional illnesses of hip, foot, shoulder, elbow and hand. Additionally, this course covers how to modify a Mat class for participants with health issues. This practical content is of great relevance when integrated with physical therapy. (Physical therapists, sports therapists and gymnastic trainers do not need to take this course)

4. CHALLENGE MAT (14 hours)
CHALLENGE MAT The focus of this course is on basic biomechanical principles, the complex Powerhouse Actions, and 12 CHALLENGE Level exercises on the Mat. Additionally, you will learn sophisticated variations and explore exercises from different angles and perspectives. CHALLENGE Mat focuses on teaching components, especially in the areas of cueing and flow, essential for cultivating the teaching skills in apparatus education as well.


*Learn the classical Mat exercises
*Gain insight to the classical Pilates principles
*Use THE PILATES STANDARD teaching instruments and contents
*Teach a 55 min Mat class
*Improve your communication capability when teaching
*Entry into the international apprenticeship directory
*How to teach special needs clients

*PRIOR TO COURSE: 10 Pilates sessions
*AFTER WEEKEND 1: 10 Pilates sessions
*BETWEEN WEEKEND 2 AND 3: 10 Pilates sessions
*BETWEEN WEEKEND 3 AND 4: 10 Pilates sessions

To become a Certified THE PILATES STANDARD Matwork instructor you must complete all four modules and pass the final exam.

Should you fail on your first test, you can retest within a total of 3 months.

1st retest free within 1 month.
2nd retest fee= $100 within 2 months. 3rd retest fee= $100 within 3 months.

THE PILATES STANDARD Studio Apparatus Training is the most comprehensive program available today.

It is a 9 month course with 450 – 600 practice hours required. The program contains exercises of all levels including exercises on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Ped-0-Pull and Magic Circle. This program can also be taken in an intensive over 12 days. Educational content of the Studio Apparatus training teaching of Pilates lessons to clients of any age or fitness level systematic planning of a lesson using all apparatuses using the Pilates principles in regard to: INTRO, IDEAL and CHALLENGE exercises Methodik und Didactics.

6 intensive weekends (1. FIRST TIMER level, 2. INTRO level, 3. IDEAL level, 4. IDEAL level, 5. Ideal Level and Anatomy/orthopedic foundation, 6. CHALLENGE level) 24 hours student meetings (mandatory) 450 – 600 observation hours in an affiliate studio of THE PILATES STANDARD or an approved studio (observation hours begin after the first weekend course) THE PILATES STANDARD reserves the right to decide number of observation hours required by each student. Attendance of at least 1 Pilates class per week (THE PILATES STANDARD can change the amount of trainings hours for each individual student) Teach one beginner lesson (in approved studio) During THE PILATES STANDARD studio apparatus training 450 – 600 observation hours are required before taking the final exam.
The exact number varies from student to student depending on how the material is processed.
Do not compare yourself with other students. After the first weekend you will begin observation hours. Please submit your hours to the studio in which you complete them. The duration of the course is 9 months. If the timeframe is extended, tuition may be raised by $150 / month.

*Teaching Pilates sessions for clients of all ages and physical capacities
*Systematically structuring sessions using all pieces of equipment
*Application of the Pilates principles in teaching the INTRO, IDEAL, and CHALLENGE level exercises.
*Methodology and didactics
*Application of THE PILATES STANDARD teaching principles
*Modifications and variations
*Anatomy pertinent to Pilates
*Dealing with “Special Needs” clients
*Post-rehabilitative training and teaching technique

*A minimum of 25 sessions on the Pilates apparatuses taken in an affiliate studio of THE PILATES STANDARD or other approved studio.
*During the Comprehensiveeducation you must complete 450-600 observation hours.

*Observe lessons in approved studio
*Assist other teachers
*Practice independently
*Attend a minimum of 1 group class per week attend weekly apprentice meeting
*Set up, clean and maintain equipment teach INTRO mat classes

Upon passing the exam you will receive THE PILATES STANDARD certificate.

Should you fail on your first test, you can retest within a total of 3 months.

1st retest free within 1 month.
2nd retest fee= $100 within 2 months. 3rd retest fee= $100 within 3 months.

All prospective apprentices interested in a certificate from THE PILATES STANDARD need to know that the real learning begins after finishing the training. Continued education, and development of your abilities is part of the profession of a Pilates teacher.

Only when you stay inspired are you able to inspire others.

How many CEC´s do I need?

  • To uphold your Mat THE PILATES STANDARDcertificate. You should collect 8 CEC´s every second year.
  • To uphold your Comprehensive THE PILATES STANDARD certificate. You should collect 15 CEC´s every second year.

If YOU PARTICIPATED IN MORE THAN ONE PROGRAM You must earn credit for the most comprehensive program.
Example: INTRO MAT and Comprehensive program, requires 15 credits every second years.

How to renew

When it is time to renew your Certificate just email us on with your name and subject "Renew Certificate", write if it is Matwork or Comprehensive certificate.
If you have done workshops by TPS we have all the CEC information in our system. If you have taken workshops by other organisations please attach a Certificate of Completion as a PDF 

  • 1 credit: 1 hour Pilates Workshop taught by TPS teacher trainer or other classical teacher approved by TPS
  • 1/2 credit: 1 hour Pilates Workshop taught by other organisation

When the renewal is approved you get an email notification and then a printed Certificate will be send to your adress.



Hours/CECs: 3
The purpose of the Reformer on the Mat is to learn how to incorporate the exercises normally practiced on the Reformer and teach these exercises within the framework of a Mat class. This class challenges concentration and control as it demands one to remember the Reformer order and execution of the exercises without the aid of the Reformer or the spring resistance that it provides.

Hours/CECs: 2
The purpose of the Challenge Mat with Small Props workshop is to instruct how to teach a Challenge Mat class and incorporate the use of the Magic Circle or small weights into the class. These Small Props are a great way to add variety as well as a challenge to the already familiar exercises. This course will demonstrate how the uses of these Small Props will assist, enhance, as well as challenge the exercises and how to keep a fluid flow throughout the workout.

Hours/CECs: 2
To add spice to the Mat class, or as Romana used to say "to present another challenge", we add the Magic Circle to the exercises. We explore how to gradually introduce the MC to a few exercises first, until with practice we end up with pretty much the whole Mat vocabulary and the circle!

Hours/CECs: 4
In this workshop we instruct how to teach a challenging Mat class. We cover and review in detail, all the exercises that were created, by both Joe and Romana, for the Mat.


Hours/CECs: 4
The purpose is to familiarize the teachers and clients with the complete vocabulary that Joseph Pilates created for the Reformer. We also will drill the appropriate transitions within the original, archival order, how Joe sequenced his exercises.

Hours/CECs: 3 or 4
The goal of this workshop is to learn a variety of ways to challenge a client who has already a solid grasp of the basic exercises on this apparatus. This to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the method .

Hours/CECs: 3
The purpose of the Reformer on the Cadillac Workshop is to learn how to introduce and challenge some of the exercises from the Reformer vocabulary and teach these exercises within the framework of the Cadillac. This class challenges concentration and control as it forces one to imagine the Reformer setup and execution of the exercises and applies them to the various bars and springs of the Cadillac (for example Short Box Series and Rowing Series.)

Hours/CECs: 4
The objective of the Complete Reformer Sequence Workshop is to examine the original and complete order of exercises that Joseph Pilates always taught on the Reformer.

Hours/CECs: 2
For once a piece of equipment that didn't come from Joe. When it was first introduced
Romana embraced its possibilities and it has been a favorite ever since. There are some
misunderstandings as to the place of this apparatus within the workout, and as to how to
structure a sequence on it. This workshop will have you jumping!


Hours/CECs: 4
The objective of this workshop is to review all exercises created on the Cadillac. We progress from basic vocabulary, fit for all students, to the more demanding exercises and their variations.

Hours/CECs: 2
The purpose of the Tower/Guillotine and Pedi-Pole Workshop is to review the exercises taught on these pieces of equipment. This workshop gives Progressions to the familiar exercises to challenge the same basic exercises giving the client a deeper understanding and appreciation of the method.

Hours/CECs: 2


Hours/CECs: 4
The objective here is to learn how to structure an hour long class on this equipment. This workshop will explore how to design a challenging class that flows through a sequence from lying down to seated and eventually to standing upright.


Hours/CECs: 4
We tech the client how to build an hour long workout on , what Joe himself called the "home Reformer ". This workshop will show you the possibilities towards building a logical sequence, from a more stable platform to an unstable step.

CHAIR Progressions
Hours/CECs: 3
The objective of the Chair Progressions Workshop is to review how to incorporate both the High Chair and Wunda Chair into the individual needs portion of a client’s session. This workshop will show how the exercises on the Chairs relate to one another and how to progress from the more stable and supportive High Chair to the less stable surface of the Wunda Chair. This tactic allows for the client a deeper experience and understanding of their body with regard to the central principals of the Method.


Hours/CECs: 3 or 4
The three Barrels Joe build allow for a progressive larger opening stretch of two very thight areas. We are talking about the hip-pelvic area and the shoulder girdle. This workshop will review all exercises on all barrel shaped equipment.

Hours/CECs: 2
This workshop will review all the exercises on the Ladder Barrel. The exercise will also review how to incorporate the full Powerhouse Actions necessary to enhance the workout on this apparatus.


Hours/CECs: 6
In this workshop we study the universal principles of the human body in motion. We first look at the principles and how they align the body towards its optimal Blueprint . We then address in sequence all necessary actions of these principles to achieve efficiently the intent and goal of all exercises in the method.

Hours/CECs: 4
This workshop is first a review of the principles and their actions, with examples
not only on the Reformer and Mat, but also on Wunda Chair and Cadillac.
We then move on to explore the refining actions of the "loops " and how they
reinforce and finetune the core actions in the body. A deeper concentration is
created towards an optimal control in practicing the Method.

Hours/CECs: 4
This is a workshop for those of you who have no prior knowledge nor experience
with anatomy. And it is always a good review to go back to basics!
We will start with the basic vocabulary of this discipline and work our way through
the various concepts. The emphasis will go to the Skeletal system and an intro to
the major Muscle groups.


Hours/CECs: 2
Although our primary tool to communicate with our students is our voice, there is a lot of teaching power in the experience of an informed hands-on approach! This workshop will offer you various ways to let your hands " do the talking ".

Hours/CECs: 3-4
To be active during the pregnancy plays an important role to both health condition and wellbeing. A pregnant woman that works out tends to have a smaller weight gain, faster weight loss after the pregnancy, a better sleep pattern and a more stable state of mind.
Some studies shows that women who where physical active during pregnancy had a faster childbirth and needed less pain-relieving medication and that they were using less amount of epidural anesthesia and didn ́t need cesarean section as much.
With our Pilates training we aim to keep the strengh, our own body support around the pelvis and torso. To be one with the balance changes that happens constantly in the body during pregnancy.

Hours/CECs: 3
A workshop on how to work with the Elderly clientele. We learn more about Osteoporosis hip replacement  but most and for all how to take an elder person safe through a session.

Hours/CECs: 2
A workshop on how to finish a session. From uncle Joe's " traditional ending " to the
various ways we could wrap up a vigorous workout. We will cover not only the Cadillac,
but also the Reformer options, the Magic Circle, the Wall and the Pedi-pole .

Small Gadgets review
Hours/CECs: 2
The Small Gadget Review workshop will go over the exercises on the often underutilized smaller apparatus such as the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Magic Circle, Bean Bag, and Breath-a-Cizer. This workshop will examine how these small pieces of equipment can assist the individual needs of the clients and shows just how deep Joe’s method is in understanding the intricacies of the interconnectivity of the entire body.

Hours/CECs: 3
The Powerhouse Actions workshop will review the idea of “The Powerhouse” and what we now define as a progression of correct Actions. This workshop will deepen the understanding of this dynamic concept of the five levels of Actions within the body. We learn how to introduce and layer each Action one at a time. These Actions are taught in a progressive challenge. The depth and richness of the method lies within the understanding of the Powerhouse Actions and how they apply to all the exercises all the time.

CLASSICAL PILATES: its Integrity and History
Hours/CECs: 2
The purpose of the Classical Pilates: Its Integrity and History Workshop is to review the history of Joseph Pilates and his legacy. This workshop will examine the method created by Joe as well as his original intent and principles and how they have been handed down by his first generation of teachers. The goal of the discussion is to honor the original method of J.H. Pilates and uphold the standard of his work thus ensuring his legacy.

Hours/CECs: 4
The objective of the Classical Approach to Injured or Special Cases Workshop is to review the needs of these individuals as well as the appropriate exercises and modifications that will be beneficial to them. This workshop will review the movements that are contraindicated for these individuals as well as emphasize how amazing the diversity of all the Pilates equipment is and how it allows for a safe, fun, and challenging full body workout even when having to avoid certain movements.

Upgrade your teaching skills
Hours/CECs: 6
How to challenge and take your clients further and deeper into their awareness of their body movement and the classical method of Pilates. We want to make them familiar with a terminology and teaching philosophy that involves the five Power House actions. This actions gives everyone a new in- depth understanding of the method and the body itself. It will give you, the teacher a way to approach and challenge you clients on different levels.

What is the LEAP?
The LEAP is a 14 day (3 modules) Continuing education program. Two 5 days and last module 4 days which includes presentation and mentoring.

• Explore in depth the exercises in the “Second Manual”.
• This means the full syllabus of the Method.
• We will also discover several of the archival exercises

For whom is the LEAP?
The LEAP program is for you, a teacher with at least 3 years experience of teaching.
Have gone through the Comprehensive/Studio program.
Are in need of a challenge, to grow as a teacher, to know more about the history of Joe, the Equipment, the exercises.
Like to dig deeper into the world of movement , applied anatomy and movement principles.
Trained and mentored by Phoebe Higgins.


  • Manual with all exercises described in text and pictures, 208 pages
  • Applied Anatomy, 16 pages
  • Movement principles, 38 pages
  • J. Pilates History, 40 pages

A certificate of Completion is received after all 3 modules is completed.
The LEAP program is approved with 16 PMA credit


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